Risk Management

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Protect your Business

Our team at Harbortown Financial can help to protect your business through many of our risk management strategies utilizing life insurance. There are many different types of business strategies to use, and we can help identify the plan that works best for your specific business.

Whether it is group life insurance for employees, or Key person insurance for business partners, our team can shop a variety of highly rated carriers so your business is getting appropriate coverage at the best value for your dollar. A lot of risk management in businesses also comes down to business continuation programs to help owners retire with a clear path for their business’s future. We utilize different strategies based on the business needs and changes including:

  • Key Person Coverage
  • Buy – Sell Agreements
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans

… and much more. For an evaluation on your business’ and organization’s risk management and financial planning strategies, request an appointment today.